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Our team members are high performing, well trained, experienced design and construction professionals who are passionate about student performance, work well under pressure and have strong interpersonal skills. Led by a seasoned K-14 construction executives, our high quality team of industry experts is committed to helping our clients create world class educational facilities. 

Jaime Ortiz


Tom Brown

Project Executive

michael terry copy.jpg
Michael Terry


Rene Barrera 

Senior Project Manager

Luke Edwards

Project Engineer

Devonna Almagro

Director, Communications and

Community Relations

Luz Whisenant

Controls Engineer

Terri Logsdon

Controls Engineer

Briana Silva

Administrative Assistant


Communications Manager

Briana Silva

Administrative Assistant

Deepika Retouched and Cropped.jpg
Deepika Arora

Assistant Project Manager

Rod Retouched and Croppped.jpg
Rodrigo Mejia

Assistant Project Manager

Nick Retouched and Cropped.jpg
Aman Jain.jpg
Nicholas Herron

Assistant Project Manager

Christian Cabada

Lead Assistant Project Manager

Aman Jain

Assistant Project Manager

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