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We provide student centric program and construction management services that increase student performance while delivering world class educational facilities.

Permits & Bidding


  • Develop general conditions specifications and bid package.


  • Develop construction contract based on delivery method (Design-Bid-Build, Lease-Leaseback, Design-Build, CM @ Risk or CM multi-prime)  and assist District in fee negotiation (if applicable)


  • Coordinate and monitor processing of all applicable State Agency permitting as required (DSA, CDE, OPSC, DTSC, etc).


  • Evaluate District's construction schedule and budget each as a function of the other.


  • Pre-qualify bidders to the District’s specifications.


  • Conduct pre-bid review/walkthrough with potential bidders.


  • Receive bids, prepare bid analysis, and make recommendations to the District.


  • Verify submitted documentation, insurance, bonds and permits as appropriate. 

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